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Cannabis / CBD / Hemp – Dispensaries / Retail

Accepting card payment is crucial in today’s business environment no matter what type of business you operate. Our cannabis card processing solutions give your customers more options to pay and allow them to spend more inside your dispensary. Each solution is tailored to your unique payment needs to ensure that your customers have the best possible payment experience at the point-of-sale while also maximizing operations in the most cost-effective manner possible.

For the past few years, we have set up and provided services to dispensaries across the country.

Additionally, for those planning to launch an online apparel store for their dispensary brand but having difficulty with a payment solution—we can help.

Premier Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Retail cannabis businesses do not have access to the traditional payment processing solutions employed by most establishments. At WNY Merchant Consulting, our goal is to help dispensaries improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and elevate their brands by providing them with flexible, cost-effective cannabis payment processing solutions.

We understand the difficulties that come with running a legal cannabis business. With this knowledge, we created a payment system specifically designed for the complexities faced by dispensaries in legal states. Our debit processing systems and processing solutions for debit cards and PIN-enabled credit cards allow our clients to offer a more seamless experience to customers and create new business opportunities.

You Get Full Legal Compliance

Compliance is key when looking for a payment processing company — especially in a growing industry with a variety of complex laws and regulations. At WNY Merchant Consulting, compliance is our top priority. Our processing practices are set up to meet all federal and state regulations for cannabis businesses.

We understand the legal structure of the cannabis industry and how these regulations impact payment processing. When you partner with WNY Merchant Consulting, you can rest assured that we know how to deal with the legalities involved in the legal cannabis industry.