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Cannabis / CBD / Hemp – eCommerce

The retail cannabis industry has traditionally operated on a cash-only basis due to ongoing federal laws and regulations that make it difficult for marijuana businesses to process electronic payments.

But as the industry continues to evolve, dispensaries have access to new, innovative cannabis payment processing solutions that make it possible for customers to pay for products electronically with debit cards, cash advances, and even digital currencies.

As these payment solutions become more accessible, marijuana retailers are capitalizing on them by building eCommerce solutions that can expand their customer base and help increase sales.

To help businesses take advantage of this emerging trend, WNY Merchant Consulting offers fast, reliable, secure, and compliant cannabis eCommerce payment processing solutions to legal adult-use dispensaries in the United States.

Platforms for eCommerce allow dispensaries to expand their purchasing options by allowing customers to order products online for delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup with a fast and easily verifiable transaction.

Solutions for eCommerce cannabis payment processing provide several great benefits for legal marijuana businesses, including:

  • Cashless Payments: Cashless payments reduce risk for retailers as they do not have as much cash on hand, and customers do not have to worry about not having enough cash to cover their orders.
  • Convenience: eCommerce platforms provide a convenient alternative for customers that do not want to wait in long lines or deal with in-store ATM fees.
  • Revenue Growth: Customers are more likely to spend more when they are not limited to the cash they have on hand. Retailers also expand their consumer base by providing additional purchasing options.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With eCommerce platforms, customers can complete purchases more quickly and browse items more easily, making for an improved customer experience.
  • Health & Safety: Cashless payments allow businesses to abide by health and safety guidelines that have been established in response to COVID-19.

eCommerce Payment Solutions for Cannabis Retailers

Banks are often reluctant to work with dispensaries due to federal regulations that override state laws, and customers are often turned away by cash-only businesses. As such, cannabis businesses have long waited for cannabis payment processing solutions that allow them to remain compliant with regulations while meeting the demand for more convenient payment methods.

WNY Merchant Consulting helps establishments meet this need by providing cannabis eCommerce and digital currency payment processing solutions for modern marijuana retailers. Rather than purchasing cannabis products directly, customers’ money is exchanged for an equivalent amount of a digital currency, which is then exchanged to U.S. dollars for the merchant. This allows merchants to process payments online without violating federal regulations and maintain a secure record of all transactions.

Our reliable cannabis payment processing solutions can work alongside your existing POS systems to create a seamless experience for both employees and customers.