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Reliability & Peace

When your customer swipes a credit card, you want money to go to your bank account. You don’t want to worry about errors, or broken equipment, or any other hassles. Well, this first bonus gives you maximum reliability and peace of mind  — for FREE. Because we’re giving you a free payment processing terminal!

“But don’t other companies also offer free terminals?”

Yes, but their freebies are cheap trash. It’s their lowest end model that you can buy from eBay for $25. However,  the terminal you get with us is HIGH END. That’s because we value you as a customer. That’s why we don’t mind investing in your business!

Why should you care if it’s cheap or not? Imagine having the best sales day of your life, and you’re running TONS of credit cards – when your cheap terminal craps out on you. Uh oh…

  1. Maybe you thought those sales went through, but they didn’t. 😱
  2. Maybe your customers get tired of waiting for it to magically start working and end up walking out without buying 😭
  3. Maybe you lose thousands of dollars because that unreliable freebie broke at exactly the worst moment 🤬

We’ve heard so many horror stories from unlucky business owners who relied on cheap freebies. That’s why WE give you “the good stuff”.

So to be clear, when you get started today, we’ll give you a high-quality terminal worth up to $500! Not only will you get more powerful payment processing and reliability, but you’ll also get peace of mind that your equipment won’t die on you when you need it most. 💯

Value: $500



Run Your Biz Easier!

Many business owners get a cash register (or the calculator on their phone),  and some products, and open for business. Yes, that’s one way to collect money — but that’s the HARD WAY . The EASY way is to do what BILLION DOLLAR companies like McDonalds do. They use:

A Custom Point Of Sale

Using a Point of Sale (POS) is like hiring a super-awesome assistant, in that the right POS makes processing your sales (and making money) SO MUCH EASIER!

Because POS’s are soooo important, companies like McDonald’s spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS customizing and perfecting them. And by investing those millions, they make BILLIONS. But you don’t have that kind of money (yet). That’s why today, we’re giving you a custom POS for FREE.

The key word there is CUSTOM, because we make sure your new POS is perfectly setup for your specific needs without having you invest millions!

We typically sell our POS for up to $5,500 each, but when you get started today, you’ll keep that money in your pocket and we’ll give you an amazing new CUSTOM POS for FREE!

Value: $5,500



No More Wasted Money!

There’s no easy way to say this… but if you’re no processing your credit cards with us — you’re wasting a TON of money.

That’s because credit card processing fees can be as high as 3.5%. That means that for every $1,000 you collect, you’re losing $35. $35 may not sound like much, but the more money you make — the most you WASTE! Because for every $100,000, you’re WASTING $3,500!

But not today – because when you get started with us today, we’ll WAIVE ALL THOSE FEES. To put it plainly, we’re giving you:

$0 Processing Fees

That’s right! So the more money you make, the less money you waste. Instead  all that money goes into your pockets instead of ours. In fact, over the next ten years, you’ll put an extra $35,000 into your pockets with this benefit alone!

Value: $3,500



All The Help You Need!

All those other bonuses are great, but this is the one that will make you the most money. This is the bonus that:

  1. keeps you from letting easy sales walk out your door
  2. helps you get from $10,000 per month, to $10,000 per WEEK
  3. gets you the help you need when you need it most

Every month, we host a coaching call where business owners in our WNYCP family get together and strategize. Our CEO Robert Grant also listens to your issues and shares his twenty+ years of expertise. Not only do you get the benefit of our CEO’s experience, but you also get the experience of other business owners who have had the same problems that you do!

This free bonus can help you put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your pockets – making it truly priceless. If we sold this, we could easily charge $5,000 per month. That makes this a $60,000 bonus in the first year all by itself. But you’re not paying that, because we’re giving it to you for FREE when you get started NOW.

Value: $60,000


That’s a total value of $69,500!
And you get it for FREE.

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