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Debit Card Processing

High risk businesses have traditionally operated on a cash-only basis due to federal restrictions that make it difficult for them to work with banks and traditional payment processors. But cash presents several risks and inconveniences that can hinder business growth and degrade the customer experience.

WNY Merchant Consulting’s high risk card processing solution offers a convenient way for customers to pay for their products while reducing the amount of physical cash that runs through your business.

How does Our Debit Card Processing work?

From the customers’ point of view, they can use any debit card or PIN-enabled credit card to pay. They just need to enter a PIN to authorize the transaction. The customers pay a small convenient fee for this transaction, just like an out-of-network ATM transaction.

From your point of view, the money is transferred directly to your bank account, and you do not pay any processing fee. You can also earn income from this processing fee. Your budtenders will also benefit from the increased tips from customers’ change given on each transaction.

Our secure, reliable, and compliant Debit Card Processing offers several great benefits:

  1. Accept any debit cards and PIN-enabled credit cards, which effectively reduces chargebacks or the chance of fraudulent transactions
  2. Customers pay the transaction fees.
  3. Dispensaries do not pay processing fees and can earn income from transaction fees while reducing on operating expenses.
  4. Low monthly fees to dispensaries.
  5. Can work with any banks.
  6. Increase sale tickets on average 30% and tips by 50%.
  7. Reduce security risk of handling and transporting cash. Less cash on hand also reduces the risk of your dispensary being a target for theft and robbery
  8. Settlement as early as next business day.
  9. Full reporting access to your transactions.
  10. Same-day approval.
  11. Quick, easy onboarding and setup after approval. No integration with the POS system necessary.
  12. Flexible connectivity for Store-front, Curbside and Delivery businesses.
  13. Maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption.

Our Debit Card Processing for high risk businesses offers a convenient alternative to cash payment for businesses that do not have access to traditional payment processing solutions.