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eCheck / ACH

Program Features:

  • Easy & fast approvals
  • Significantly lower rates than credit card processing
  • No reserve required
  • Same day or next day settlement
  • Can accept payments online via payment button or direct integration with most online shopping carts, over the phone
  • Can email invoices via virtual portal
  • Can initiate ACH payments to vendors
  • Federally-insured U.S. banks

Get eCheck and ACH solutions for your high risk company today.

Lucrative but high-risk industries present no shortage of hurdles for investors and business owners. For example, the legality of cannabis sales varies from state to state, which can make it difficult for you to find a viable means of electronic payment processing.

WNY Merchant Consulting offers a work-around for the restrictions on electronic payment cannabis purchases by serving as an intermediary between merchants and financial institutions. By partnering with our experienced professionals, you can break away from a cash-only payment system and become a high risk business approved for ACH and other digital payments.

We offer a full range of high-risk payment processing services at extremely affordable rates. This will allow you to process checks electronically, credit cards, and ACH transactions both in-store and online. Streamlining the purchasing process will dynamically change your business model and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Accepting eChecks

WNY Merchant Consulting can streamline the way you do business with our eCheck payment solution service. This is a great alternative to traditional credit card payment and cash-only options. Even if you have difficulty obtaining a merchant account, you can still be a great fit for our eCheck program.

We provide fast approvals, usually within 48 hours. Once approved, our experts will get to work setting up your POS, or virtual terminal system. This will allow you to broaden your customer base and streamline the purchasing process. You will benefit from reduced transaction fees, resulting in more profits and additional funds to grow your business.

Our eCheck program will clear and settle transactions fast, with many purchases processing the same day. Do not compromise the long-term success of your business by engaging in risky cash transactions.

With our secure payment gateway, you can create and process electronic checks, send email invoices, and even accept payments online (or integrate into your current systems via API). You can receive same or next day credit for your transactions at all banks in the United States.

You are a great candidate for our e-check solution if you:

  • Accept high value and volume of transactions.
  • Your current credit card processing fees are expensive.
  • Have difficulty applying for a merchant account: we work with CBD oil, kratom, drug paraphernalia, and other high risk merchants among almost all other industries.