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General Questions

What about technical support?

We have a team of trained technicians ready to assist you and answer any questions or concerns that might arise included as part of our service.

Can I put my account in test mode?

Both our Internet payment, gateway and terminals can easily be put into test mode. It’s a great way to practice the use of your terminal or test the web sites payment gateway configuration before you launch your site.

What comes with my equipment package?

Depending on your specific business you will receive a terminal, supplies to get you started, stickers for advertisement, support phone numbers, and call center information.

Can I recall transaction history?

Our terminals are one of the only terminals in the industry that retains its transaction history for up to three months. Your payment gateway will keep an indefinite, detailed transaction history from the first transaction you run.

Will I get a batch report?

Yes, your terminal will print a deposit report each night when it closes, and all internet payment gateways are set up to send you an email with each order and an end of day closing report.

Do I get a Statement?

Yes, a monthly statement is generated that is detailed with your daily batches and all you rates and fees. You will receive this on a monthly basis.

On-line Reporting?

Yes on line reporting is available, ask your representative for details. Batch information, deposits and chargeback information and statements can all be viewed.

Payment Processing

Can I pre-verify funds on a customer’s’ card?

Yes. You can verify funds on a customer’s credit card. Those funds will be reserved for you until, at a later date, you deposit those held funds into your account.

How do I return money?

To do a refund with a terminal is very simple. The procedure is the same as a sale after you put your terminal in return mode by pressing the return key on the terminal display.

How do I do a void?

A void can be done the same day the transaction has been run before the batch has been closed. If you press void on the keypad the procedure will be the same as a sale.

How long until the money reaches my bank?

All terminal funds are deposited in 24-48 hours after the batch has been closed. Internet payment gateway accounts will take an additional one day to reach your bank account.


What is Batching?

The process by which the merchant and cardholder’s banks exchange transaction data, resulting in the depositing of funds into your specified bank account.

How do I do it?

There are two methods of batching. All our terminals are set to Auto Batch for you convenience. Auto batching will occur at 10:30 pm each night and will include a batch report for that day. Secondly, you can batch any time throughout the day manually with a touch of one key.

What if I don’t?

Your terminal will be set to Auto Batch, but in the event the terminal does not batch, the display on your terminal will read “Need To Batch”, and you can manually batch.