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As an on-the-go entrepreneur, it can be hard to juggle some of the jobs that come your way. WNY Merchant Consulting’s solutions will make sure you’re never caught off guard or unable to complete a project. Learn how you can start accepting multiple forms of payment and process customer bills and payroll from any device today.


Pour more profitability into your business

Our POS assures your liquor, wine, and beer retail store is stocked with the types and brands of spirits customers are looking for, and you can ring them up quickly.


We understand your challenges, and we’re here to help

Our point-of-sale systems come equipped the multiple customized features you need now more than ever.


Keep your retail operations on point

Whether you’re a pop-up shop, niche retailer, or manage a big box store, WNYMC has the perfect point of sale solution for you. Marry your storefront, back office, and online selling. Know what your customers want and always have it in stock for the right price, place, and promotion.

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Service Professionals

WNYMC for Service Professionals

Do less. Accomplish more. The all-in-one service management solution.

Accept more ways to pay

Cash, check, credit, debit, EMV chip, digital wallet, and ACH.

Automate Manual Processes

Save time and money by automating manual processes like inventory, invoices, and subscriptions.

Get paid faster

Enable customers to pay online and in the field.

Build your brand

Sell online and use professional-looking, customizable templates, and forms.

Merchant Admin

Customizable portal that allows your customers to manage cards on file, buy products and services, manage subscriptions, and much more.


Customers can pay online and in the field, using their preferred payment method: cash, check, credit, debit, EMV chip, the card on file, digital wallet, ACH, and by subscriptions/recurring payments.

Work Orders

Never lose track of your service and work orders. Schedule jobs faster, reduce drive time, and have full visibility of project status.


Save time and money by automating invoices digitally. Create and send professional invoices using customizable templates. View the status of outstanding invoices and send automated payment confirmation emails.

Custom Payment Forms

Get paid 24/7 with the ability to create customizable and secure payment forms that enable customers to conveniently pay for products and services online.

Ecommerce Store

Take your business online to maximize sales by making it easier for potential customers to find you and purchase your products and services.


Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Plaid, Zapier, and more apps using an open API.

Quick Service

Keep your restaurant on point

Whether you’re a five-star restaurant or a quick-service eatery striving to get customers through the line in five seconds, WNY Merchant Consulting has the perfect point of sale solution for you. More simply manage everything from the counter, kitchen, stockroom, and online orders to increase productivity and enhance customer experiences. The greater profitability you see in return is the cherry on top.

We are the leading internet payment service provider for general and high-risk merchants!

Sometimes Mastercard will place you on the MATCH list, but more often than not your acquiring bank will do so. If you are a merchant that racks up chargebacks, there is a chance that you could end up on this list.

No matter the size or industry type, if you’re a merchant with products or services to sell, WNYMC has a turnkey e-commerce solution that’s designed just for you. Our simple, real-time, verified secure payment processing solutions will get your sales up and running quickly!

At WNYMC, we recognize that our customers’ merchant services needs differ. That’s why we provide many Value-Added services such as debit bank card payments, making sure that your needs are met with the kind of solutions that will help keep your business competitive and easy as 1, 2, 3.

WNYMC is a Worldwide direct payment method that allows the merchant to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer on behalf of their customer during their online purchase with their online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirmed to the merchant allowing an instant delivery of goods and services in real-time.

Industries Served

  • Communication Service Providers
  •  Gas and Electric
  •  Cable and Wireless
  •  Financial Service Providers
  •  Health and Medicare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Leisure
  • Charity
  • Software/Digital
  • Airline/Travel
  • Luxury Goods
  • Bill Payment Solution
  • Ticketing
  • Music/Entertainment
  • Membership
  • Adult
  • Online Gamers
  • Tobacco
  • E-commerce
  • CBD
  • Cannabis 
  • Hemp

Our flexible POS software gives you access to all the features you need to increase your donations.  

Before you accept payments as a nonprofit organization, you’ll want to make sure you’re partnering with a credit card processor that offers the latest features. 

As a nonprofit, it’s imperative that you find the right payment processing company to partner with to enhance your fundraising efforts. At WNYMC, we give you access to invaluable features that can help you grow your donor base and donations. Offline transactions — accept donations even when you have a weak or limited internet connection.

  • Internet-enabled payments — access our Virtual Terminal for free within the Payments Hub to accept and enter phone, mail, or cash donations directly through your web browser.
  •  Online donor payments on one-time or recurring invoices.

It’s merchant services for organizations — simplified!  

Healthcare merchant services don’t get better than this.

At WNYMC, we specialize in providing lightning-fast, affordable, and secure medical payment processing solutions to our healthcare customers. We’ll handle everything related to your payments so you can focus on your patients. 

How does payment processing work in the healthcare industry?


While the process for accepting payments is similar to that of other industries, healthcare payment processing does have some unique requirements. You need a payments partner who understands that.

Pay anywhere gives you access to the sophisticated software you need to properly safeguard sensitive patient and cardholder data while keeping up with the complex and ever-changing requirements you face as a healthcare provider. It’s medical payment processing made easy.

Give your business a makeover with our health and beauty merchant services.

Health and beauty business owners, employees, and customers love our simplified payment platform.

How do I choose a merchant services provider?

When it comes to finding merchant services for your health & beauty business, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider. After all, you’re not just looking for beauty industry payment processing, you want a partner you can count on — one who is committed to the success of your business.

At WNYMC, we offer so much more than just secure and affordable credit card processing, we give you access to easy-to-use analytics! That’s data you can use to make smarter business decisions while helping you more effectively manage your:

1.Customers 2. Inventory  3. Employees  4. Chargebacks and more

How? Through our feature-packed payments app (compatible with both Apple and Android devices), payment processing equipment, and Payments Hub – our secure online merchant portal.

Home contractor merchant services that are built to last.

Pay anywhere makes accepting payments a breeze for contractors while simplifying payments for their customers. 

Accept credit card payments as a home repairman or remodeling contractor.

At Pay anywhere, we’re committed to helping home contractors do two things — accept payments and build their businesses. 

With a merchant account from WNYMC, we’ll give you a blueprint for payment success! You’ll have access to the latest and greatest payment solutions for home contracting and construction businesses. We’ll help you get set up for all the ways you should be able to accept customer payments. 

  • Invoicing with recurring billing.
  •  The latest mobile payments solutions.
  •  Virtual terminal acceptance.
  •  Offline transactions and more.

POS systems for food trucks are powered by WNYMC.

WNYMC helps food truck owners streamline the payments process for themselves, their employees, and their customers. 

How to choose the best point of sale system for food trucks. 

Whether you want a simple solution that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a handheld POS, or you need a full-featured, cloud-based point of sale system, WNYMC has you covered. Plus, no matter which solution you choose, you’ll get a highly competitive rate and access to our secure, online merchant portal. It’s mobile payment processing for food trucks made simple, only from WNYMC.

Merchant Services for Professional Services businesses.

At WNYMC, we are committed to simplifying credit card processing for professional services businesses, including companies in the legal industry, marketing firms, accountants, and their clients.


What is a professional services business?

Professional services firms are organizations that provide knowledge-based services to their clients. Professional services firms exist in many different industries including entities that provide legal services, as well as other service businesses like ad agencies, accounting firms, financial advisors, and many more. At Pay anywhere, we are uniquely positioned to help professional services businesses like yours offer secure and seamless payment processing to clients while leveraging data-driven insights to make your firm more profitable. It’s merchant services for professional services, simplified!

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