Online Payments

Removing the distance

between you and customers.

Complete Developer Toolkit and Expertise

We hold your hand throughout the checkout process integration to ensure smooth sailing. And when you have questions, you can talk with a live U.S.-based WNYMC customer agent 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Software Development Kit with all the tools you need
  • Access to an instant sandbox testing environment
  • Ready access to experts with over 500+ integrations
  • Developer Tools For The Job – Click Here
  • Complete Developer Toolkit – 

Shopping Cart

Increase your sales by turning more online shoppers into buyers.

WNY Merchant Consulting makes integration a breeze with pre-built plug-ins for more than 550 major technology platforms and 80 percent of popular shopping carts. No programming experience is required to start testing your application within WNY Merchant Consulting’s Developer Portal in as little as 5 minutes. Hassle-free checkout experience – with air-tight security to protect your customers’ credit card, phone and address information – convert more of your shoppers into buyers and reduce abandoned carts.

  • Pre-built cart and technology platform plug-ins
  • Sandbox with full API access
  • Simple Software Development Kit in popular programming languages


Grow recurring revenue

Easily set up recurring payments like subscriptions, memberships, repeat services, and more to build long-term relationships with customers. Want to offer an introductory price for a service and then automatically bill at the normal rate after the trial period? Done. How about automatically billing a customer every 90 days for a 3-month supply? You can do that too. Need to bill a customer when their monthly subscription box order ships? No problem.

With your customers’ card information securely on file, you can provide the convenience of recurring payments with ease, while also generating a predictable income for your business.

  • Set billing frequency and duration
  • Adjust billing for discounts and trials, and include tax rates
  • Send notifications to subscribers when their payment information is about to expire, their payment has failed, or if it’s time to renew their subscription
  • Supports 120 global currencies

Unparalleled Experiences for Your Customers

When rocking a killer website that is super easy to shop, your visitors soar… and so do sales. WNY Merchant Consulting makes the shopping experience amazing so your business gets lots of great reviews online.

  • Simple to navigate
  • Fast checkout
  • Encourages repeat purchases

Pocket More Money from Each Sale

Pocket More Money from Each Sale Paying less in processing fees with WNY Merchant Consulting immediately puts more money in your pocket. When you multiply the savings by online sales, it’s a powerful force.

  • Reduce costly chargebacks
  • Best cost provider of payment services
  • Next day funding

Harmony from Seamless Compatibility

What’s better than an online payments site that works with popular eCommerce platforms? How about one that is also optimized for mobile – the way most people shop. With WNYMC, everything runs smoothly.

  • Works on top eCommerce platforms
  • Mobile-friendly checkout
  • Process payments on most point of sale (POS) systems
  • Everything you need to be taking orders in less than 30 minutes

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