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Credit Card terminal

Run business from the palm of your hand.

WNYMC can offer the widest selection of free equipment in the industry including terminals that are EMV and NFC-ready.

Elevate your customers’ experiences.

Securely accept all the ways your customers prefer to pay. Email or print a receipt and send customers on their way. Shopping at your store doesn’t get any easier.

Automatically track inventory.

Say goodbye to manual inventory tracking. A built-in barcode scanner automatically updates stock levels without you having to lift a finger.

Freely move about and accept payments anywhere.

Terminal + works on Wi-Fi and cell data, so you can take payments at the curb, in-store, or at your pop-up shop — all with the same handheld point of sale.

24/7 Support

Award-winning customer service agents based in the U.S. answer your call in less than 30 seconds on average.

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